Nine Planets and Nine forms of Lord Narsimha (Navanarsimha)

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Ahobhilam is located in the Allagadda mandal of Kurnool district (Andhra Pradesh). According to legends, Lord Vishnu manifested as Half-Lion and Half-Man known as Lord Narasimha to kill demon Hiranyakashipu and blessed Prahlada.There are nine temples around this Nallamalla forest area where the nine planets had worshiped Lord Narsimha to get relief from the curses. The list of the nine temple names along with the corresponding planet is given below:

Deity Name Planet
Bhargava Narasimha Sun / Surya
Karanja Narasimha Moon / Chandra
Jwala Narasimha Mars/ Kuja / Angaraka
Krodha (Varaha) Narasimha Rahu
Paavana Narasimha Mercury / Budha
Ahobila (Ugra) Narasimha Swamy Jupiter / Guru
Malola Narasimha Swamy Venus / Shukra
Yogananda Narasimha Saturn / Shani
Chatravata Narasimha Kethu


We can find Navagrahas in all Shiva temples. With this information, its better to conclude that, nine planets directs our lives.
Nine planets gives the results of our karmas (good and bad karmas) done in previous lives and in present life. We suffer and enjoy our life through this nine planet dasa periods.
Let me answer to the following questions in the next post.

What is Dasa?
Which dasa is favourable to me?
Is Venus dasa favourable to me?
Is Shani dasa too bad?

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