Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas

Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas are the five yogas in vedic astrology. Each yoga blesses the person with certain characteristics. These yogas are formed by the five planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus. Pancha mahapurusha yogas are formed when these planets are in Kendras (Quadrant) from the Ascendant or Moon, or in own houses, or in Exaltation houses. The author of Jataka Parijatham Shri. Vaidyanatha Dikshithulu has mentioned that these planets can also be in their Moolatrikona houses.  

Pancha Mahapurusha yogas are 1. Ruchaka yoga 2. Bhadra yoga 3. Hamsa yoga 4. Maalavya yoga and 5. Sasa yoga

1. Ruchaka yoga: This yoga is caused by Mars. The person with Ruchaka yoga will be brave, courageous, proud and like a commander in chief (army). The person will be connected to military, police or defense departments. He is long lived.

2. Bhadra yoga: This yoga is caused by Mercury. The person with Bhadra yoga will be intelligent, educated, praise worthy, good speech, good writer, long lived and rich.

3. Hamsa yoga: This yoga is caused by Jupiter. The person with this yoga will be smart and handsome, charitable, religious and good at heart.

4. Maalavya yoga: This yoga is caused by Venus.  The person with this yoga will be rich, fortunate, will have wife and children, endowed with vehicles and luxuries,  good body and ambitious.

5. Sasa yoga:  This yoga is caused by Saturn. The person with this yoga will be strong, endowed with servants, village head, bad character and may enjoy or steal others wealth.

In any chart, if a person has one yoga then he/she will be fortunate, if with two yogas then he/she will be equal to king, if with three yogas then he/she will be king, if with four yogas then he/she will be equal to emperor, Normally, five yogas will not form in the chart.

Mere presence of yogas in the birth chart does not guarantee the results. The yoga formed should be not be afflicted and should not be aspected by malefic planets. The result will be fructified in the favourable Dasa periods, if the above said planet is in full strength and positive.

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  1. Dear Jeet, The purpose of my blog is to bring the important principles of astrology to general public and students of astrology. Your comment shows that you need to discuss about the yogas in your horoscope. I do not wish to discuss personal horoscopes in my blog. If you need any clarifications on the subject, you can send me an email. Regards

  2. sir,

    as per my birth chart,

    makara lagna, midhuna rashi

    ketu and mars in 1st house
    chandra in 6 th house
    guru and shani in 9th house
    shukra in 11th house

    surya and budh in 12 th house

    please analyse and write your views

    santosh chennuri.

  3. Some classics predict the longevity of a person based on the MP yogas. For example, Bhadra Yoga lives for 80 years etc. Can we accept these slokas literally?

  4. Dear Anonymous, Slokas can be taken into consideration. At the same time, we have to check any exceptions are given for these slokas. With one sloka, we should not conclude about the results. regards

  5. Is it possible that the karma we do in this life (maybe very highly positive or negative) can create or cancel a Mahapurusha yoga?

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