Remedies (Pariharam or Shanthi) in Astrology

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Remedies (Pariharam / Graha Shanthi) are known as the actions performed to ward off evil effects from the doshas, bad dasa periods and to pacify the malefic planet effects.

Some of the regular remedies are as follows:

  • For Kaala sarpa dosha, people visit Sri Kalahasti temple or Thiru Nageswaram temple to perform Rahu ketu pooja or abhishekam.
  • For Guru peyarchi (Jupiter Transit), some Rasi people visit the Shiva temples on the transit day to perform Guru (planet) abhishekam / Dakshina murthy pooja or abhishekam.
  • On Sani peyarchi (Sani transit) day, people perform poojas at Shani temples.
Other popular remedies are chanting mantras, poojas to Yantra, performing Homam, etc.

Many people perform these remedies, yet only few will get relief. Why?

First of all, we should note that, all are not eligible to do shanthi/pariharam. Only eligible persons can reap the benefits through remedies/shanthi.

What is eligibility? 

According to our Hindu epics/philosophy, Birth – death – rebirth (Punarjanma / reincarnation) is inevitable. Our present life is dictated by our karmas in the previous birth. Depending on their Karmas, one is born to rich parents and another to poor parents.

Karmas can be classified as Dhruda karmas, Dhruda adhruda karmas and Adhruda karmas.
Dhruda karmas are the inexcusable sins made by the person in the previous birth for which there is no remedy. Suffering is inevitable. 
Dhruda adhruda karmas are the excusable sins made in the previous birth for which remedy/pariharam can be suggested. 

Adhruda Karmas are the negligible sins which can be pardoned by doing remedy.

Who is eligible to do remedy/shanthi?

Whether the person is eligible (for doing shanthi) or not  is decided by the astrologer after careful analysis of the birth chart (horoscope). If the eligible person does pariharam, he will get the benefits.

The persons carrying dhruda karmas cannot be relieved by doing pariharam/remedy. Surrendering to God and doing good karmas is the only option.

The persons with dhruda adhruda karmas and adhruda karmas can get relief by doing remedies or pariharam.

What kind of remedies are there?

There is a misconception about the remedies in the minds of general public. They think that, homas / poojas are only remedies. It is not so.

Remedies (Shanthi) can be classified as follows:

1. Performing homas or poojas to pacify the malefic planet
2. Taking Medicines (Ayurvedic or Allopathic)
3. Solutions (actions to be taken by the person to avoid dangers)

Let me explain these remedies with examples.

1. A couple who had no progeny (child) for several years approached an astrologer for doing shanthi/remedy for their problem. Astrologer recommended them to perform Pooja at Thiru Nageswaram temple. The lady became pregnant after few months in the dasa/bhukti favourable to her horoscope. We should note that, after performing shanti only, she became pregnant in the favourable time.

2. In a similar case with another couple, astrologer recommended them to use medicines along with performing pooja at the temple. Here, astrologer insisted them to use medicines and take the guidance of medical practitioner. Here, astrologer recommended medicine plus pooja.

3. In another similar case, the couple do not have the medical problem or any dosha in their horoscope. Astrologer recommended them to spend more time with each other as the compatibility between them is lacking due to the nature of their lagna and rasi. Here, astrologer has given solution without any pooja/japa.

Many people think that, pariharam/remedy/shanthi means doing japa, homa or pooja only. It is not so. Astrologer gives the valuable suggestions for your peace and prosperity based on your horoscope. The results after doing shanthi lies in the hands of planets and God. 

Please pray to nine planets (Navagrahas) and God with wholeheartedly to fulfill your wishes.

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  1. Hi suresh,

    My lagna is virgo with Ju,Sat,Me,Ve,MO placed in lagna,ketu in 5th bhav,mars and rahu in 11th Bhav,su in 12 th bhav.

    date :01/09/1981,time 07:25 am,Lucknow(U.P).

    what is imp of rahu+mars(debiliated) in karka rashi of bhav 11.

    i am in service with interst in business,what should i do with respect to 11th Bhav or 10 th bhav.

    Thanks Rahul

  2. I got a alience… Both of our family liked each… But they said can go further because both of your nakshatra is chitra… S it true… If so any pariharam s there..

    1. Dear Banumathi,
      Nakshatra is one of the point in horoscope matching. There are several other combinations to be checked in horoscope matching like Lagna, Rasi, Venus, Mars etc. Please check the other combinations and get to conclusion. regards

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