Mahakaal (Lord of Time and Death) and Nine Planets

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With the blessings of Mahakaal, I would like to mention few things about Ujjain. There are twelve jyotirlingas and Ujjain is one of the most important jyotirlinga kshetra. This ancient city is connected to astrology in many ways. Ujjain was ruled by King Vikramaditya with his nine jewels. Great Astrologers like Varahamihira and Kalidasa were among the nine jewels. The main deity at Ujjain is Mahakaal i.e.Lord of Time and also known as Lord of Death. As mentioned earlier, there are twelve jyotirlingas and we have twelve Rasis.
12 jyotirlingas = 12 Rasis
Time is the most important element in astrology. We cast the horoscope with the time of birth and we predict the future in terms of time. Lord of time is Mahakaal. Ujjain had been the prime meridian for hindu geographers since the 4th century BC and was placed as the center of the world in numerous ancient world maps.
Astrology = Planets + Stars + Rasis
Astrology (Jyothisham) is the study of planets, stars and Rasis (zodiac signs). Lord Shiva is Graha (kaala) purusha, Lord Vishnu is Rasi purusha and Lord Bramha is Nakshatra (star) purusha.
Lord of time and death is Mahakaal, an avatar of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the head of planets. Hence, we find images of Navagrahas (nine planets) in almost all Shiva temples. Each planet is ruled by the particular deity as follows:
Sun (Surya) Shiva
Moon (Chandra) Parvathy / Gowri
Mars (Kuja) Subramaniam (Murugan/Karthikeyan)
Mercury (Budha) Vishnu
Jupiter (Guru) Dakshinamurthy
Venus (Shukra) Lakshmi
Saturn (Shani) Yama
Rahu (Dragons head) Durga
Ketu (Dragons tail) Ganesh
There will be separate Navagraha shrine or hall in Shiva temples.The Navagrahas in the Shiva temples are placed in a traditional manner on a single square like platform.The images of all nine planets are installed with Sun (Surya) in the center, Venus to the East, Saturn to the west, Jupiter to the North, Mars to the South, Mercury to North East, Moon to South East, Rahu to South West, Ketu to North West directions as follows:


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