Rahu and Kethu in Vedic Astrology – Part 2

This post is about Rahu and Kethu in Vedic Astrology.
In my earlier post ‘Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology (Part 1)‘, I had mentioned about the best placement houses for Rahu and Ketu in our horoscope i.e. Rahu and Ketu in 3rd, 6th and 11th house from Lagna is good. The native will get good results.Since I got lot of emails and comments asking me for the results of Rahu and Ketu in various houses, I am obliging my readers and publishing this post.Note: The below are the general results. The results should not be taken as it is. The results may vary according to the placement, aspect, conjunction with other planets.
Photo taken at Lord Ganesh Temple near my locality

Placement of Rahu in various houses:

Rahu in 1st house: Adventurous, Anti social thinking, Revolutionary, Cravings for worldly pleasures, wealthy.

Rahu in 2nd house: Educated, quarrelsome, litigations.

Rahu in 3rd house: Capable, Bold, Quarrels with siblings, Proud, Wealthy, has long life.

Rahu in 4th house: Family problems, may live in rented houses, suspicious mind.

Rahu in 5th house: Issue problems, cruel mind.

Rahu in 6th house: Long life, Rich, Destroys hurdles, Brave, Winner.

Rahu in 7th house: Corrupted, may have marital problems.

Rahu in 8th house: Worry mentality, dangers, ill-health.

Rahu in 9th house: Irreligious, will not oblige parents, wealthy, problems with father and children.

Rahu in 10th house: No proper earnings, may indulge in wrong professional practices.

Rahu in 11th house: Wealthy, Long life, little deaf, Prosperity.

Rahu in 12th house: Unprincipled, sinful.

Placement of Ketu in various houses:

Ketu in 1st house: Rich, obstacles, diseased.

Ketu in 2nd house: Marital problems, Financial problems, worries.

Ketu in 3rd house: Long life, Rich, Good person.

Ketu in 4th house: Wealthy, travels lot, problems with mother.

Ketu in 5th house: Issue problems, higher education problems, cunning.

Ketu in 6th house: Courageous, Success, Famous, Enjoys life.

Ketu in 7th house: Unprincipled, marital problems, may marry second time.

Ketu in 8th house: Health problems, issue problems.

Ketu in 9th house: Failures in long travels, arrogant.

Ketu in 10th house: High position, travels frequently .

Ketu in 11th house: Enjoyments, Success, Learned, Gains, Prosperity, Rich.

Ketu in 12th house: Wealthy, Lot of Traveling, Moksha, religious, unprincipled, change of residences, If afflicted – Destruction of wealth.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    while listing the results for Ketu you have said that if in the 12th house…then in the last if afflicted/….
    what do you mean by afflicted?

  2. Dear Sir,

    while listing the results for Ketu you have said that if in the 12th house…then in the last if afflicted/….
    does it means, when this conjuct with sat (sani) in 12 th house? Is this conjuction placement is really bad if have 2 degree difference.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Dear saumil,
      Ketu afflicted means conjunction with other planet which is inimical. The degrees of placement with other planet should not be below 5 degrees. regards

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