How to Read a Horoscope – Part 1


I got several emails and comments after publishing the article on Jupiter, Saturn – Conjunction and Aspect regarding the placement of planets. Some of my readers and learners are unable to find the location of the planets in the horoscope. So, I am publishing this article with basic steps in reading the horoscope.1) The first step is to recognize the Rasis in the general horoscope. Rasis are fixed in South Indian Horoscope. The below table shows the 12 zodiac signs i.e. rasis.

2) For preparing the Horoscope, we need Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth of the person. We can make the Horoscope manually with Panchanga (Almanac) or can be made with Astrology software available. After preparing the Horoscope, we can follow the below steps to start reading.

Basic Steps in Reading the Horoscope:

1. Find out the Ascendant / Lagna in the Horoscope (Ascendant / Lagna is denoted by As or Lag. in the Chart)

2. Find out the Moon’s position in the Rasi house.

3. Find out the Planets placed in each rasi and in each house.

Now, let us read the below sample horoscope (Rasi Chart) of the person born on 12th Nov, 2014
Time: 8.15 AM Place: Chennai


(As – Ascendant Ve – Venus, Sa – Saturn, Ma – Mars, Me – Mercury, Su – Sun, Mo – Moon, Ju – Jupiter,        Ra – Rahu, Ke – Ketu)

  1. Ascendant is placed in Scorpio Rasi. Hence – The native’s Ascendant/Lagna is Scorpio. Lagna is the First House i.e. Scorpio.
  2. Venus is placed in Scorpio  i.e. in First House
  3. Saturn is placed in Scorpio i.e. in First House
  4. Mars is placed in Sagittarius i.e. in Second House
  5. Ketu is placed in Pisces i.e. in Fifth House
  6. Moon is placed in Gemini i.e. in Eight House (Native belongs to Gemini Rasi)
  7. Jupiter is placed in Cancer i.e. in Ninth House
  8. Rahu is placed in Virgo i.e. in Eleventh House
  9. Mercury is placed in Libra i.e. in Twelfth House
  10. Sun is placed in Libra i.e. in Twelfth House

The below table is given for easy understanding.

Lagna / Ascendant is the First House in the Rasi Chart.

Houses Planet Rasi (zodiac sign)
1 Venus, Saturn Scorpio
2 Mars Sagittarius
3 — nil — Capricorn
4 — nil — Aquarius
5 Ketu Pisces
6 — nil — Aries
7 — nil — Taurus
8 Moon Gemini
9 Jupiter Cancer
10 — nil — Leo
11 Rahu Virgo
12 Mercury, Sun Libra
Note: No planet is placed in 3,4,6,7 and 10th houses.

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