Mars Dosha / Kuja Dosha / Manglik dosha / Chevvai Dosha

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Kuja Stotra

DharaNee garbha saMbhootam vidyutkaanti samaprabam|
kumaaraM sakti hastaMcha mangalaM praNamaaMyaham ||

I pray to Mars, born of earth, shines with same brilliance as light,
who is young and carries spear in his hand

One of my clients prompted me to write this article on Kuja dosha.

Few days back, I got a phone call from my client asking me about Kuja dosha. She wanted to know if her horoscope has Kuja dosha. I asked her, if there was any specific reason to check about Mars dosha. She replied saying that her relative told her, that, if mars dosha is present in the horoscope, then she may loose her husband in any manner.

I asked my client if her relative is an ‘Astrologer’. She said, No.

By listening to her relative’s words, my client was worried. I told my client not to worry about what her relatives say or for that matter anybody who suggests/advices based on their half baked knowledge or with ignorance.

To answer her query, I told my client that, she does not have “Kuja dosha” in her horoscope, even though her Mars/Kuja is placed in 12th house from Lagna.

The reason for not having dosha is “Kuja / Mars is placed in Makara (capricorn) i.e. its Exalted house (uccha sthana) in her horoscope”. The Dosha gets nullified since it is placed in its exalted house.

I always advice people not to self analyse their horoscope, until and unless they have sufficient knowledge in jyotish sastra. It is better to consult a Professional Astrologer in this matter, instead of spoiling their peace of mind.

Coming back to my article on Kuja dosha…………….. Planet ‘Mars’ is known as Kuja, Angaraka, Chevvai, Mangal in indian languages. Mars is considered as Malefic planet in vedic astrology. It’s placement in 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th,8th and 12th house causes Mars dosha (Kuja dosha / Manglik dosha / Chevvai dosha).

The dosha gets nullified with some exceptions mentioned below:

1. No dosha, if Mars / Kuja placed in Aries (mesha), Vrischika (scorpio)  and in Capricorn (makara)

2. No dosha, if Mars is placed in 2nd house to Gemini (mithuna) or Virgo (kanya) Lagnas.

3. No dosha, if Mars is placed in 4th house and that 4th house happens to be  Aries (mesha) or Vrischika (scorpio)

4. No dosha, if Mars is placed in 7th house, if it is Cancer or Capricorn

5. No dosha, in 8th house if it is Sagittarius (Dhanus) or Pisces (Meena)

6. No dosha, in 12th house if it is Taurus (rishaba), Libra (thula) , Leo (simha)

7. Mars with Jupiter or aspect of Jupiter also nullifies the dosha

…………….. and there are many exceptions for the Kuja dosha.

Kuja dosha is mainly considered at the time of marriage and to know about the marital affairs of the couple especially about spouse. If there is Kuja dosha, the couple may get separated or the spouse may get killed.

Marital life / Spouse : Mars is one of the important planet to know about marital life or about spouse. But, it is not the only condition to decide about marriage or spouse. If the other combinations and placements are strong in the horoscope, then the negative effects of Kuja dosha will be reduced.

Some Combinations and Placements considered to know about Spouse, Marriage and Marrital Life are as follows:

1. Placement of 7th Lord
2. Planets in 7th house
3. Conjunction of other planets with 7th Lord
4. Strength of the 7th House
5. Mars and Venus placement and relationship in the Horoscope
6. Aspect of Planets on 7th house

Content Source: The credit of the above content goes to my Guru and Authors of classical astrological books.
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  1. My son’s dob is 28.12.92,07.37 am, Chennai.laknam-danur,rasi-makara, star-avittam-2,the mars is in lagna house sun is there. Does he having mars dosha?

    1. Mars placement in 1,2,4,7,8 and 12th house from Lagna creates Mars dosha. Please check your son’s horoscope. if Mars is located in these houses, it creates dosha. In some particular houses, dosha gets nullified. Please check the exceptions in this article.

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