Nava Grahas and its Karakas

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This post is about Nava grahas and its Karakas

Classical texts on Astrology had mentioned lot of karakas for each graha. I would like to bring the most important (base) karaka of each planet through this article.

Planet Sun (surya) is the soul of the Kaala purusha. Hence it is called as Atma karaka

Moon (chandra) stands for Mind. Hence, it is called as Mano / Manas karaka

Mars (kuja), for the strength

Mercury (Budha), for speech & communication

Jupiter (guru) for knowledge & wisdom

Venus (shukra) for Love

Saturn (sani) for service (karma karaka)

The above karaka is based on the Kaalapurusha. According to Kaalapurusha horoscope, Aries (mesha) is the first house and it is ruled by Mars.


The first house is ‘strength’ represented by Mars

The third house (Gemini) is ‘speech & communication’ represented by Mercury

The fourth house (Cancer) is ruled by Moon, ‘Mano (mind) karaka’

The fifth house (Leo) is ruled by Sun, Atma (soul) karaka

The seventh house (Libra) is ruled by Venus, Love & Romance

The ninth house (Sagittarius) is ruled by Jupiter, for ‘Wisdom’

The tenth house (Capricorn) is ruled by Saturn, for ‘Service / profession’



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