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Jothidar In Chennai

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Astrologer Shri.Suresh Kumar is one of the best Astrologers in Chennai. His remedies are really very effective and you will see the effects within a short span of time. He is very nice person to talk to and will hear your problems and provide solutions appropriately. His consultations on Astrology, Numerology, Vastu and vedic rituals are very perfect and produces good results to clients. I refer all my friends and family members towards Shri. Suresh Ji.

Santhamoorthy, Kannaiyan   

Honest and accurate astrologer , he is one of the best



Ms Shanthini   

Accurate past predictions and his future predictions also will be definitely accurate. I wondered how he predicted the God which I am worshiping now presently for my problems. Great Mr. Suresh, his remedies are economical and he is not money minded and great astrologer. This is very much true and I am not his friend or relative to write this review for getting clients to him. If one really needs good predictions and advice, he is the best astrologer whom I never seen as I consulted several astrologers recently for my problems. I wish everyone should consult him for good astrology service.


Very Good


Mr Suresh Kumar is a positive speaker. I felt that he is good in Vedic astrology by the way he was assessing the issue before we go about explaining the issues from our end. His remedial solutions are genuine and not very expensive. In a nutshell, he is simple and approachable as a astrology counsellor.


Well educated and well mannered. he is different from.other astrologers with honest and practical guidance.


He is more a guide than a astrologer to us. With his guidance we have been able to face tough phases of life. A simple human with profound calming effect on troubled beings. I'd like to thank him for all his help and guidance.

Vidya Sampath   

Good person among many money minded astro people. Valuable consultation and reasonable price


Straight forward and open advise


The word he says are true. Suresh kumar is genius in Astrology. He helped me to develop my career. Thank you sureshji.




I found Suresh sir is very genuine astrologer.go with a very open mind.I am very much satisfied on consulting sir. Such a simplicity man with wise knowledge and predictions is excellent.

Shaik Aslam Basha   

I was undergoing severe stress in Job. Sir advised me pariharas and also a remedy. I followed the remedy and the pariharas and immediately i got the good result. My hearty and sincere thanks to God and Suresh Sir who helped and advised me to achieve the good benefit.

K. Anilkumar   

I have visited so many astrologers in Chennai and was not so convinced but now I personally feel and appreciate Suresh ji is doing a great job. I always look out for a straight forward answer or predictions (whether it may be negative or positive one) from an astrologer. Sir, has been very open in his talks and discussions. I will definitely recommend him .

Sumaya Gurung   

I am very satisfied on consulting - Astrologer Mr.Suresh Kumar - during Sep 2016 for my entire family members. We're so happy that someone listened to us so patiently and answersed all our questions with accurate Prediction and Remedies. He sees possibilities not problems. Suresh Kumar is a great human being to talk to and his knowledge on this subject seems vast. We will seek his advice in future also.


Five years ago, I came to know about Sh. Suresh Kumar ji through my closest friend who advised me during one of the very tough times of my life. Once I acquainted with Suresh ji, I realized that not only was he a very humble and kind human being but also a very patient listener who would advise me wisely, effectively and economically. Even though he knew that my time was not right, his predictions, besides being spot on, were modest enough to deliver them to me in the righteous manner. Suresh ji is very caring and would himself call to check upon me and deliver certain predictions that i would need during those distressed times which he would be monitoring from his predictions. Salute to your right time. One of the many characteristics of this modest person is that he is of ascetic and self disciplined nature. Lastly but not the least, even though this is something that weighs very less compared to rest of his qualities, never ever have I seen an astrologer (and trust me, I have met a lot before meeting Suresh Ji - Nadi Astrology, Horoscope and various others), never ever have I come across an astrologer who is not greedy. After meeting him, I never felt the need of meeting any other astrologer. So, thank you Suresh Ji for all your help and lucky to have met you. 🙂 God Bless You!

Meenakshi Goyal   

I consulted for my daughter's job. His predictions came true, my daughter got a good job. reliable service.



Ms Rathnadevi   

I consulted for a marriage match and I really appreciate his approach. He gives equal importance to the horoscope (kundli) matching apart from the 10 matching (using nakshatra) which is uncommon among the astrologers. I will strongly recommend him for any kind of reading the charts.

P Ravi Shanker   

Predictions are accurate and pariharam is very simple and effective. I would highly recommend.


I had some problems in my Job. I consulted Mr. Suresh Kumar and Sir advised me to do some pariharas and remedies. I followed them and today I am able to enjoy the good benefits. My hearty and sincere thanks to God almighty and Mr. Suresh kumar who guided me to achieve this

K. Anilkumar   

Accurate Predictions and reasonable fees.


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